Generative AI

Generative AI

Empowering brands to multiply outcomes.

Generative AI has the potential to reimagine every facet of business, from streamlining operations and accelerating processes to supercharging productivity. We see it as a human effort multiplier, making the unimagined possible. Ready to seize the moment?

The future powered by generative AI.

Market demand is pushing the limits of innovation for breakthrough products, services, and business models built on generative AI. Now is the time to identify new opportunities—to keep pace with an ever-evolving landscape of connected and intelligent experiences.

Find your place at the forefront of enterprise-scale AI adoption. Our expert team of CX strategists, human-centered designers, and digital engineers can help reimagine what’s next, optimize operations, empower your employees, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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AI Assessment & Roadmap

Identify your organization’s readiness to move forward with enterprise-scale generative AI solutions and discover how to build an actionable plan balancing risk and innovation.

Self-Service AI Bots powered by Generative AI

Form a deeper understanding of each customer’s need before responding naturally and conversationally—efficiently crafting personalized and dynamic responses with the right human tone.

Advisor Assist powered by Generative AI

Integrate generative AI with knowledge bases and historical customer data to empower advisors with real-time guidance—for faster service and greater efficiency.

Knowledge Management powered by Generative AI

Enhance customer support with AI-driven technology to generate and manage knowledge effectively—automating content, optimizing storage, and improving access to empower faster, informed decisions.

Automated Quality Assurance

Analyze 100% of your customer interactions to detect deviations and opportunities to achieve higher quality standards, improve operational effectiveness, and ensure customer satisfaction.

DevX powered by Generative AI

Boost productivity throughout the development lifecycle—from writing and maintaining code, to testing, reviewing, and documenting—and receive recommendations to ensure a thoughtful end product at every step.

Content Creation powered by Generative AI

Use generative AI to streamline content creation processes, generate content at scale, personalize content, and free up time for content creators to focus on higher-level tasks.

Insights powered by Generative AI

Harness generative AI algorithms to extract valuable insights from your big data assets for game-changing business intelligence—simulate scenarios, predict trends, and make informed business decisions.

4 Benefits of AI for Better CX

Discover how AI can help you create better experiences for your customers and advisors.

Why Concentrix

We’re helping brands to unlock growth with generative AI, from streamlining operations and accelerating processes to supercharging productivity. 

Transformational Expertise 

For decades, we’ve been a leader in accelerating business outcomes with AI. Our success is powered by a dynamic ecosystem of experts who design, build, and run the future of CX. 

Domain Knowledge

Through deep industry knowledge and understanding of clients’ CX operations and practices, we’re uniquely positioned to help brands maximize the value of generative AI for their business, customers, and employees. 

Governance Empowered 

By approaching generative AI with a holistic view of risks and scenarios, we effectively balance how best to augment people and AI to address challenges, drive meaningful innovation, and safeguard data accuracy and compliance. 


It’s part of our DNA. As a leading CX provider, we consider the broader context of how generative AI solutions can positively influence people and the customer journey—to tap into more personalized and meaningful experiences. 

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