Choice. Flexibility. Redundancy.

CX Flexibility with AnyPaaS

At Concentrix, we understand that in today’s market, customers demand the flexibility to engage with your brand on their terms. We believe that you deserve the same level of choice when it comes to operating your contact center. Our AnyPaaS solution combines patented cutting-edge technology and an innovative approach—empowering you to choose the contact center options that best suit your unique needs and goals.

With AnyPaaS, you gain complete control over your contact center, with the ability to select your preferred communications platform as a service (CPaaS) vendor, cloud provider, and redundancy options—all through a single, user-friendly platform. With just the click of a button, we can deploy AnyPaaS to streamline your operations and improve your customer engagement.

AnyPaaS Flexibility and Choice

AnyPaaS will allow us to deploy your choice of:

  • CPaaS provider
  • Cloud provider
  • Redundancy options

All this is accomplished with a click of a button so your contact center solution is deployed in minutes, not weeks.

Your operations team has information at their fingertips with real-time and historical reporting.

Even if your CPaaS vendor changes, the user interface for your staff and customers remains the same.

Advisors can easily manage inbound and outbound calls and chats from a single user interface.


We make it easy to build customer engagement flows with our AnyPaaS Flow Designer.

  • Click and deploy functionality
  • Real-time syncing for changes to live contact center

Take your contact center to the next level and experience the power of AnyPaaS for yourself. Learn more about how we can help you transform your business.

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AnyPaaS for CX Flexibility

Get the freedom of choice, flexibility, and redundancy with our vendor-neutral cloud contact center as a service (CCaaS) platform.

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