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Increased competition, sophisticated buyers, and rising customer expectations are challenges impacting growth. By facilitating a digital-first agenda with effortless omnichannel interactions, we create value to differentiate on service at all stages of the customer lifecycle. With our media & entertainment solutions,  customers stay for longer, and we equip you with the tools you need to focus on growing revenue with your most profitable customers.

Media & Entertainment Solutions

Sales & Subscription

Integrate sales and subscription services with our end-to-end order fulfillment, processing, activation, billing and revenue recognition services online subscription management services. Drive incremental revenues with our teams promoting outbound sales, upgrades, cross-sell, and paper-to-digital subscriber conversion. We back you up too for sales training, brand management, technical support, retention, and cancel-save operations.

Billing & Subscription Marketing

Leverage our Cloud/premise-based Concentrix Connected platform for automated billing and payment processing. It also offers cancel-save, omni-channel payment reminders, self-service, and account management support. Integrated with our contact programs and marketing automation platform, we help you segment and target customers with personalized marketing communications for higher subscription renewal success.

Media & Entertainment Solutions
Media and Entertainment Industry

Product & Online Stores

Create loyal brand ambassadors with our customer services for general and product inquiries, whether in online app stores or in music store sales, on phone, Web chat, or email. We chip in to help upsell and cross-sell accessories/consumables and with order processing/product returns—for clients across a wide range of products, including tablets, PCs, printers, mobile devices, smartwatches, and MP3 players.

Loyalty Programs

Leverage digital, social, and mobile channels to ensure that every communication reinforces your brand. With our media & entertainment solutions, we manage your welcome contacts, loyalty offers, back office help desk, proactive customer outreach, customer retention, incentives, churn management, targeted lifecycle messaging, right-plan counseling, and event administration and reminders.

Media & Entertainment Solutions
Media & Entertainment Solutions

Field Support Dispatch Management

Reduce truck rolls or manage personnel, inventory and their logistics by tracking support requests/work orders and fleets. Our field operations system helps you drive NPS; create an important experience touch point with post-call surveys, customer feedback collection, and smart escalation management. Provides exhaustive reporting, visibility into operations and analysis of productivity and costs.

Warranty & Service Support

In this fast-changing market, your customers expect immediate/always-on response. We help with your warranty and claims administration, rebate management, service lifecycle management, consumer analytics, and advanced maintenance strategies. Differentiate your business from competition by turning your warranty program into an analytics hub to analyze cost drivers, drive product performance and innovation, and improve time to market.

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