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Travel and Transportation Industry

Working through the Travel and Transportation Industry and Tourism landscape in uncertain global times can be quite the challenge, to say the least. Our AI- and insight-infused solutions anticipate this reality to keep things nimble and agile, helping us pivot to adapt to industry needs or challenges as (or before) they trend.

Reservations & Ticketing

We keep a sharp eye out for revenue growth opportunities, through lead generation, upsell/cross-sell and telesales. Leverage our Next Best Offer application (leverages prescriptive analytics for context-driven sales) and other technologies. Whether for conference, business or holiday packages, we manage individual/group bookings and back you up too with omni-channel pre-travel services for full product/service coverage.

Traveler Experience

Customer experience impacts your brand, especially during crises. Our suite of complementary services and technology provide high impact, end-to-end concierge customer care. White glove services span customer life cycle management include: omni-channel optimization, multi-language/geo customer and loyalty programs, refunds/claims, social listening/engagement, journey mapping and consulting, voice of customer (VoC) analytics, and self-serve and IVR automation.

Travel and Tourism Industry
Travel and Transportation Industry

Web & Mobile Support

With the largest deployments in e-commerce, the travel and transportation industry often requires expert help. We provide: Direct sales and service management over your websites/mobile applications with self-service tools to help your customers. Digital services/content management tools for faster content publishing, updates, validation and verification, and translation in multiple languages. Web analytics to understand customer behavior, enhance services and improve sales conversions.

Loyalty Programs

Rewards programs are more crucial than ever before, especially in maintaining and growing revenues. But loyalty initiatives can be costly without proper administration. Our rewards program and loyalty marketing programs are based on customer segmentation and transaction analytics. We also help you fine tune service operations and focus efforts where most valuable with Voice of the Customer and retention analytics.

Travel and Tourism Industry
Travel and Transportation Industry

Back Office Transaction Management

Leave your processing to us, including processing and accounting for reservations/ticketing and cancellation/refunds, voucher issuance, claims processing and re-bookings, Web and mobile content moderation, loyalty program administration, technical support. Reporting and analysis, quality control and workflow automation with Concentrix helps you focus on what is core to you and reduce costs by targeting inefficiencies.

OTA & Agent Services

Online travel agencies and individual travel agent services occupy a large market presence within the travel ecosystem. We provide agency and partner support, including Web production and digital marketing. In addition, we support many niche domains within the industry, including Rail, Hospitality, Cruise Lines, Cargo, Auto Rentals, and Tourism.

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