We pledge to challenge conventions, create experiences beyond expectation, and deliver outcomes unimagined, for our clients, their customers and staff. This promise is driven by four key ideas that help us back our words with action, and promote actual positive change for our people and planet.
CX Provider for Startups


It’s pretty simple: we believe in doing the right thing. For our staff, our clients and their customers, our communities, and the planet. Every time.

Concentrix is a place of belonging and responsibility. We’re committed to cultivating diverse perspectives, running our global business sustainably, and uplifting our communities however we can.

Environmental, Social & Governance

Culture & Values

Health & Wellbeing

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


How can we solve CX challenges in new and better ways? Or anticipate and solve that problem before you ever bring it to us? These are the kinds of questions that keep us up at night. Yes, we’re a little obsessed—but it’s how we help you stay ahead. With customer expectations and technology evolving rapidly, you need a partner who’s already thinking about what’s next. (Sign us up!)


No people-vs.-robots battle here. We believe the best experiences use technology to empower humans to do what they do best. With this approach, our people are free to follow their passions, focusing on quality, efficiency, and helping others—without wasting time on things that can be automated.


Why patchwork a bunch of solutions when you could have one? We support your customer journey at every touchpoint, meeting all your needs with a just-right blend of people and technology.