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As customers, we’ve all been on the receiving end of a great customer experience—one that makes you feel valued, is effortless, and adds to your day. Creating these exceptional moments requires a top-down approach that’s shaped by your business goals and informed by customers—their behaviors, expectations, and journey experiences. As a CX leader, your company is looking to you to assemble the best people and technology to drive experience transformation and outcomes. Whether you need help defining your roadmap, planning your next move, or know where you want to go and need help getting there, Concentrix has the expertise and innovation to help guide your thinking, and your investment.

CX Transformation

Customer-centricity requires a commitment to CX transformation at all levels of your company. We help you refocus your efforts around the customer and explore new possibilities to improve the quality of service, increase sales, and reduce costs. By improving everything from the brand to engagement and operations and technology, we help you create experiences that matter.

CX Model Design

Are legacy systems and operational structures limiting your CX improvements? It’s time to consider a different kind of tech-and-people model—one that allows you to keep pace with customer expectations, that’s more in-tune with the way people want to interact with your brand. We help you rethink your CX, powered by the latest cloud, automation, and emerging technologies, to create a sustainable operating model that fits your business goals, and elevates your CX strategy to the next level.

Customer Research

Start with the customer and better understand who they are, their motivations, and their unique journeys. We bring the customer to life for your business through research and insights, using our findings to connect the dots between customer needs and business objectives.

Voice of the Customer

Unleash the power of feedback to shape the trajectory of your brand. Leading companies believe their best ideas come from customers and employees, and they use those ideas to drive a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. We’ll help you learn from customers and employees, predict behavior, and power actions that generate unwavering loyalty and financial growth.

Gobeyond Partners: Management Consulting

Gobeyond Partners: Management Consulting

Take a wider, deeper view to solve your most complex customer journey challenges.

Whether you want to transform your customer journeys, radically reduce cost-to-serve, or develop sustainable innovation models to support growth, our unique blend of consulting, managed services, technology solutions and training means we can support you in tackling almost any challenge.

Gobeyond Partners: Organizational Excellence

Develop and harness the capability of your people to define, deliver and sustain transformation.

From focused interventions to ambitious global programs, we set businesses up for future success by developing greater leaders, helping you work more efficiently together, and thinking about customers differently.

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