Going above and beyond Exceptional CX

A leading insurance client—with thousands of associates and multiple US locations—is dedicated to making its customers feel truly cared for. With its sights set on customer care and a customer experience framework, the client implemented our state-of-the-art voice of the customer (VOC) program. Powered by Concentrix’s own customer feedback management platform, ConcentrixCX, this VOC program takes advantage of both our world-class technology and our team of seasoned professionals. 


To capture one holistic source of truth, this client’s listening strategy includes nine active feedback programs with over 500 total ConcentrixCX platform users, live-time feedback distribution, centralized sample management, and closed loop orchestration. Alongside the program structure, both teams take part in 8 improvement workshops and 12 work sessions per year—focusing on root causes and actions with priority placed on recommendations.  

One such recent improvement workshop involved a pilot program centered around digital adoption. Using supporting insights that show customer preference for self-service solutions over agent-assisted channels, advisors were guided to educate callers on available self-service options. Results from the pilot showed just what any future-facing CX leaders would love to see—fewer advisor calls, better containment via self-service, and an overall positive impact on key advisor attributes. 

With such a modernized and connected CX strategy, the client has averaged a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 70 percent—compared to the industry standard of 50 percent—since 2018. 


Part of being a CX leader is maintaining momentum and always asking “where can things still be improved?” To answer this, we tapped into Concentrix’s CX assessment. The assessment is comprised of our maturity customer experience framework model—setting in stone our best CX practices for delivering business impact and evaluating a client’s current approaches against them. 

Digging even deeper into the unique business strategies of each step in the framework, we identified three opportunity areas for this client’s improvement: democratize text analytics; communicate the CX mission; integrate CX into the staff lifecycle. 


Integrate CX into the staff lifecycle 

Using ConcentrixCX’s coaching suite, we identified an opportunity to engage in CX-centric coaching sessions. Team leaders can review collective trends, then drill through to individual advisor performances, compare any previous coaching sessions or results, and arrange one-on-one’s guided by customer feedback. Integrating CX into the staff lifecycle ensures that the client’s advisors are motivated to understand and achieve goals. 

Democratize text analytics 

Sharing customer insights in one-on-one meetings is also an important aspect of the next opportunity area: democratizing text analytics. Doing this helps support the client’s closed loop workflow—giving advisors the context they need before following up with unhappy customers.  

Communicate the CX mission 

By showing advisors why CX really matters, it brings a new level of appreciation to the customers they assist, their issues, and the importance of a positive experience. The client regularly invites team members to step into the shoes of its customers by dedicating an on-site space that guides advisors through what the CX journey looks like, how certain experiences can be frustrating, and how they can use their own time in the simulation to be top-notch problem solvers.  

By asking “where can things still be improved?” this client was able to take its already exceptional CX and go even further. Evaluating its current practices in our CX assessment, the client uncovered three additional opportunities for growth. These opportunities—integrating CX into the staff lifecycle, democratizing text analytics, and communicating the CX mission—all lend themselves to creating a customer experience journey that is stronger and more holistic in nature.  

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