Knowledge Management 

powered by Generative AI

Generative AI is transforming the knowledge management landscape. From automating content creation and optimizing information storage, to enhancing information access, generative AI can empower your teams to get the information they need for quicker, well-informed decisions. Curious how?

Accelerate knowledge building and sharing.

Our generative AI experts will enhance your ability to seamlessly blend information and knowledge throughout your organization, empowering your teams to achieve more with increased speed and quality. 

Speed up knowledge gathering and learning.
Enhance search and retrieval.
Make better-informed decisions.
Access higher levels of efficiency.
Boost cross-language knowledge exchange.

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Empowering your teams with greater knowledge. 

Concentrix has the expertise to design, build, and run Knowledge Management powered by Generative AI. We assist in harnessing information from public and private sources in a highly secure environment, fine-tuning for specific contexts, and integrating seamlessly across applications and platforms.  

Strategy & Roadmap

Establish a knowledge management strategy and actionable roadmap that fits with your CX vision, business goals, and AI maturity.

AI Platform & Integration

Select and implement the right generative AI-powered platform that meets your needs and integrates with essential internal and external resources.

Content Creation & Enrichment

Automate content production while enhancing information and materials to ensure accessibility, accuracy, and relevance—securely in one place.

Knowledge Organization

Systematically categorize, structure, and arrange information and content to make it easier for customers and employees to locate, retrieve, and navigate.

Knowledge Bots

Use generative AI-powered knowledge bots to understand requests and retrieve information, while offering users the most relevant information from public or private sources.

Knowledge Optimization

Monitor user interactions, evaluate results, and adapt algorithms for enhanced content generation, accuracy, and relevance.

Better Answers Faster with Generative AI Help Desk

Find out how a multinational IT company saved time, cut costs, and improved the quality of responses with generative AI customer support.


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