Creating connections with customers to drive lifecycle experiences and outcomes
CX Management

Be the brand that reliably shows up every time.

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Treating them right is more important than ever, because their expectations are higher than ever. Our innovative Customer Experience Management solutions combine talent with technology to help you create deep connections with customers that drive brand loyalty and optimize your business outcomes. By meeting customers wherever they are—across any and all channels, throughout the customer lifecycle—we help you deliver experiences that stand out. We support your customers with empathy, integrity, and knowledge, building value with every interaction .

Concentrix Has Been Named a Leader in Customer Experience Management PEAK Matrix by Everest Group

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Marketing Solutions

It takes seconds for customers to decide if your marketing message resonates with them. Make it relevant and timely and you’ve got an interested customer. If you miss the mark, then you risk losing them. We help you to find and meet customers where they are along their journey with relevant touchpoints. Using data analytics to inform everything we do, we select and deploy optimal messages, at optimal moments in optimal channels to deliver real world results.

Revenue Growth Services

Accelerate the growth of your business with enhanced demand generation, better sales conversion, and exceptional customer experiences. Our end-to-end B2B and B2C services help you drive proactive, insight-led strategies to identify and engage with more prospects ready to buy, choose the right moments to target customers with relevant offers, and retain and grow their value over time.

Customer Care

Create connections with your customers to build brand loyalty at every point in their CX journeys throughout the customer relationship. We help you deliver epic experiences across all your care channels. Supported by innovative technology and analytics, our talented Customer Experience Management team provides the social, emotional, and problem-solving skills to handle the complex issues that your customers can’t solve through digital self-service.

Find out how we innovate, automate, and optimize CX operations, and deliver your best brand experience anywhere your customers are, in the language they prefer.

Technical Support

When things don’t work, your customers need answers and need them fast. Deliver the right level of support across channels to ensure first time resolution and a great brand experience. We deploy self-service tools complemented by a tiered support capability to expertly resolve the simple through complex technical issues of business and consumer customers.

Find out how we innovate, automate, and optimize CX operations, and deliver your best brand experience anywhere your customers are, in the language they prefer.

CX Management | Technical Support


From early to late stage, collect more and reduce cost by focusing on CX to improve collections and build brand loyalty. We can help you reset your collections strategy at the segment level, use advanced analytics to understand customer intent and motivation to pay, and apply technology to hyper-personalize omnichannel contact strategies to achieve the best results.\

Find out how we innovate, automate, and optimize CX operations, and deliver your best brand experience anywhere your customers are, in the language they prefer.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty should be more than perks, points, and rewards. We provide real, tangible value across the customer journey to deliver an experience that meets people where they’re at. From individual programs to holistic brand strategies, we build a framework for fostering behavioral and emotional loyalty that drives deeper engagement with your customers.

CX Management | Customer Loyalty
Webhelp: Regulated, KYC & Payment Services

Webhelp: Regulated, KYC & Payment Services

From e-commerce to fintech, our experts assist your growth while maintaining regulatory compliance to safeguard your operation and users.

Leveraging innovative technology, we develop customized solutions for onboarding and the full order-to-cash cycle, ensuring better cash flow and happier customers.

Webhelp: Healthcare Specialized Services

20+ years of supporting clients to manage Healthcare Professionals and patient related projects compliantly.

We design, build, and run value-based operating models that accelerate growth and provide outstanding experiences for customers, patients, and clinical teams. From MedTech and pharmaceutical promotion and sales, customer service and medical information to patient support programs including virtual wards and remote patient monitoring.

Webhelp: Healthcare Specialized Services

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