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Utilities Industry

We infuse the Public Sector and Utilities Industry with CX tech and solutions to help businesses meet future demands, tackle transformational change, and meet growth challenges head-on.

New Account & Subscriber Growth

Our marketing automation Concentrix Connected platform drives targeted offers for the public/deregulated utilities industry, using customer interaction and consumption data. Our invoice/statement messaging module provides customized marketing (based on customer life stage and your campaign’s targeting plan). Use CONCENTRIX™ Analytics for actionable insights into upsell opportunities and our digital and social media management to complement more traditional sales methods.

Billing & Service Management

Integrate back and front office services into a more efficient enterprise. Place service at the top of your public agenda. Let us manage new account setup, turn on/off, third-party verification, change of service, billing/usage inquiries, payment arrangements, early intervention/reminders, shut-off notice calls, and customer assistance/retention programs. Our PCI-compliant billing management platform offers flexible customized packages and payment options—and more.

Utilities Industry
Utilities Customer Experience

Citizen Relationship Management

Implement better contact management with our extensive experience as customer engagement leaders in private sector CRM. Explore our successful omni-channel contact centers, social media command centers and take better care of subscriber issues and inquiries. With CONCENTRIX™ Consulting and IT Services deploy CRM best practices and technology solutions to drive your strategic objectives and digital engagement programs.

Emergency & Outage Communications

Key to the utilities industry, we manage quick distribution of multi-channel communications during crisis and service breakdowns. Our expert messaging service, online videos and tutorials on common issues, town or municipality-based portals for updates on restoration efforts—all come handy when such situations occur. Use our digital services to engage proactively on social networks and through downloadable apps.

Utilities Industry
Utilities Customer Experience

Customer Analytics

Manage the needs of customers using insights based on public sentiment across multiple channels, including social media. Enhance engagement using Voice of the Customer analytics. Deliver services faster to those who need it the most. Identify early with predictive analytics and reduce the severity of any potential crisis. Reduce costs by analyzing operational efficiencies, waste, fraud and systemic leakages.

Technology Integration & Consulting

While transforming legacy infrastructure or building a new platform, you need an IT consulting partner that has done it before. We help you integrate modern systems with legacy across agencies to update your applications, information management, and business rules implementations. Ask us to help you customer information warehouse, case/document management, workflow, mobility, smart card, apps, portals and self-service solutions.
Utilities Industry

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