Making data-driven decisions to fast-track your goals and meet evolving customer expectations

Engineer data and intelligence to drive the right outcomes.

In a world changing at lightning speed, keeping pace with evolving customer needs and behaviors is immensely challenging. Without meaningful data insights to point the way, it’s nearly impossible. We arm you with intelligence to make the right data-driven decisions that will yield the outcomes you need to achieve your business goals—to inform, question, and direct actions across your organization.

Our Data & Analytics solutions draw upon the best available analytics technologies and business intelligence (BI) platforms to accelerate insights and data-driven outcomes, and deliver measurable value. By integrating modernized data architecture, visualization, self-service analytics, and data science methods and Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, we give you the insights to problem-solve, strategize, manage, and optimize.

Intelligence Strategy

Intelligence Strategy

Accelerate and enable the adoption, confidence, and usage of engineered intelligence for business value outcomes. We work with you to define your vision, aligning on business priorities to create a modern intelligence strategy to drive performance and competitive advantage. We’ll assess your maturity and build a targeted strategy and roadmap to enable you to operationalize analytics, AI, and cloud technologies at speed and scale.

Data Engineering

Fuel engineered intelligence with data in a responsive and secured ecosystem, including the cloud. We have hands-on expertise using cutting-edge technologies and platforms to modernize your data strategy, governance, and operating models, with a focus on creating insights to drive business outcomes.

  • Data strategy
  • Data architecture
  • Data enrichment
  • Data governance
  • Data management
Data Engineering
Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Use AI and machine learning tools to automate tasks, make sense of unstructured data, and predict outcomes before they occur. We’ll empower your business with deeper insights created by intelligent Data & Analytics solutions to simplify critical business processes and make decisions in real time.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics
  • Augmented analytics
  • Natural language processing (NLP) & speech analytics
  • Generative AI, including ChatGPT

Business Insights

Empower people and systems with engineered intelligence for enhanced and faster decision-making with greater confidence. We help you create an environment where your team can analyze data faster, with more self-service tools to enable your business to become data-driven.

  • Business analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • BI reporting analytics
  • Self-service analytics
Business Insights
Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Increased digital activity is allowing you to create a person-level view of your target audience. By combining technology with data & analytics solutions, we enable you to trigger intelligent, logic-based marketing that’s personalized for each customer. Nurture relationships and convert sales at every lifecycle stage—resulting in higher ROI and greater customer lifetime value.

  • Propensity modeling
  • Campaign analytics
  • Channel performance analytics
  • Demographic & psychographic analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Social & brand analytics

Customer Analytics

From customer insights to loyalty analytics, our accelerators expedite measurement strategies, KPI definition, segmentation, and customer lifetime value tracking. We help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers, so you stay in-tune with their needs, expectations, and behaviors—to shape your customer journeys, interactions, and engagement strategies.

  • Customer journey analytics
  • Customer experience analytics
  • Customer engagement analytics
  • Customer lifecycle analytics
  • Customer loyalty analytics
Customer Analytics
Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics

Create meaningful insights to assess and drive performance in key operational areas. We help you modernize and transform your operational processes to drive efficiencies, with added flexibility to support changing business requirements—improving your responsiveness, agility, and speed to value.

  • Performance analytics
  • People analytics
  • Resource optimization
  • Contact center analytics
  • Content analytics
  • Channel optimization

Process Intelligence & Optimization

Identify and fix the inefficiencies that are hindering your CX and holding back your business. With our Process Intelligence and Optimization solution, you’ll gain real-time insights to simplify and speed up your operations, reduce errors, and remove avoidable costs. We help you unlock your full potential powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and automation, for smarter operations delivering enhanced customer experiences with greater business outcomes. 

  • Process Intelligence 
  • Process Optimization 
  • Process Mining 
  • Execution Management
process intelligence
Compliance & Risk Analytics

Compliance & Risk Analytics

Take a proactive approach to exposing risk, protecting customers, and preventing bad decisions that could result in noncompliance. We help you flag suspicious activity and identify fraud and compliance vulnerabilities before it’s too late.

  • Collections
  • Credit risk
  • Payment integrity
  • Fraud analytics
  • Anti-money laundering

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