Global Financial Services Firm Goes Journey Mapping
journey mapping

This global financial services leader has been driving digital transformation for years, specifically developing and improving customer- and advisor-facing digital self-service experiences for selling financial products and managing accounts. The pandemic caused the company to accelerate bringing new digital self-service experiences to market, creating challenges across customer, advisor, and call center communications and issue resolution. To develop a holistic, cross-discipline improvement plan to keep pace with the changes, leadership decided a CX North Star engagement was the perfect place to start.

The trend toward digital self-service in the financial services industry is causing major challenges for long-standing leaders. The pace of change in customer expectations—especially since the pandemic began—has accelerated, and customer service teams have been challenged. This legacy leader has been making major investments in customer digital experiences, but the rest of the organization lagged; customer service was feeling the pain.


  • Develop a customer and advisor experience improvement roadmap with buy-in and collaboration across key disciplines, including advisors, IT, and customer service
  • Align teams around a single source of truth within a current-state customer journey map
  • Engage cross-discipline teams in the process of defining the future-state improvement road map
  • Align and manage requirements across people, processes, and technology
  • Define immediate and long-term improvement projects
  • Improve customer and advisor satisfaction scores


Concentrix Catalyst planned, facilitated, and executed our CX North Star engagement. The client had already defined a key initial journey—buying term life insurance—so we:

  • Designed a single, validated customer journey map through a series of working sessions, audits and demos
  • Designed a current technology ecosystem, new persona insights, and a “swim lane” diagram defining systems, pain points, and “moments that matter” at each step
  • Facilitated a series of future-state visioning workshops with cross-disciplined teams to prioritize a list of experience improvements.
  • Designed a “Day in the Life” illustrated narrative of the future experiences of a customer service rep and advisor across the buying journey.
  • Designed a Service Design Blueprint that captured the omnichannel experience, people, process, and technologies currently in place to support the customer journey.
  • Applied the “Day in the Life” and Service Blueprint artifacts to guide initial recommendations and road map for improvements across experiences, data and infrastructure, and business/change management.


Currently, the client is using our North Star process and artifacts to drive internal alignment, improve prioritization, and implement roadmaps across teams. The customer service team has initiated a full re-platform effort and is using the North Star insights to inform requirements and implementation.

The work will ultimately be used to drive the client’s ongoing improvement program and quantify improvements in satisfaction scores.

This client is re-platforming its primary customer service tool, data strategy, and infrastructure. We expect our work to help drive ongoing improvement once launched.

Reach out to learn more about our CX North Star engagement or to schedule an initial workshop to establish your needs and determine what CX foundations will most quickly accelerate and improve your CX programs.

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