Born Digital: Voice of the Customer Strategy

Discover the key obstacles inhibiting the success of your digital transformation initiatives with insights from the 2023 Adobe Summit. In the latest episode of Born Digital, we shed light on how to shatter silos and connect data. By integrating Adobe and a voice of the customer strategy into a single system and promoting seamless collaboration across teams, brands can provide more impactful customer experiences.  

Join Adobe and Concentrix as they discuss common failure points for digital transformation and how a voice of the customer strategy can help your company reach its full potential. In addition to watching the 3-video series, you can also download the report, CX Program Success: Understanding the Real Role of VOC Software.

What’s Holding Your Digital Transformation Efforts Back?  

Learn about the common hurdles that keep digital transformation efforts from reaching their full potential. 

Better Together | Concentrix VOC + Adobe Solutions 

See how these two technologies come together to help brands achieve true experience orchestration.  

Shattering Siloes to Connect the Right Data  

Watch as Concentrix VOC and Adobe Solutions describe the benefits of centralization and orchestrated action. 



Former Senior Manager, Voice of the Customer Sales and Solutions Lead



Author and Host of Born Digital


Scott Christofferson

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Adobe

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