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Through API architecture and practices that create focused outcomes, we bring customer-centricity to the forefront of your API practice. Our API Management & Security solutions help our clients become dynamic enterprises, ensuring they can confidently execute daily micro-pivots and deliver new features in a flexible, measurable, and secure environment. 

Start transforming to and sustaining API programs at scale with our forward-thinking approach that ensures you’re both secure and cloud-ready. We expand visibility into API security, rooting prevention in automation and oversight, while our APIs and patterns function as the centerpieces of modern cloud architecture and successful application modernization initiatives.

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What Is an API?

What Is an API? 

Discover the reasons, broken out by job title, why executives should care about APIs.

API Management & Security Services


Our program engagements include consideration of standards, security, governance, delivery practices, communications, evangelization, and the establishment of a center of enablement.


APIs and patterns for delivering modern cloud architecture are at the center of successful application modernization initiatives.


We take a holistic approach to prevention, automation, and oversight. Our security engagements include program foundations, evangelization, training, automation, oversight, auditing, and certification.

API Economy Playbook


We give you the keys to successful transformation initiatives and a path to turning your APIs into revenue engines.

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