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Advisor Assist

powered by Generative AI 

Generative AI technologies are revolutionizing the way advisors work, empowering them with assistance tools and real-time coaching for greater productivity and efficiency. By streamlining tasks, your advisors can devote more attention to meaningful conversations and enhancing CX. Need help to get there?

Supercharge your frontline with generative AI. 

Elevate your frontline team with Concentrix Advisor Assist powered by Generative AI, a conversational intelligence platform fueled by a contact center large language model. Boost performance and efficiency throughout after every interaction. 


Drive more sales with proven conversation flows and upsell reminders.


Improve customer experience with quick, accurate responses.

Reduce compliance risk with real-time adherence checks and reminders.
Increase operational efficiency with auto summaries and workflows.
Accelerate advisor proficiency with timely feedback and coaching.

Ready to create meaningful (AI) conversations?

Our CX experts will help you to navigate the hype and unlock customer value with AI.


Empower advisors to deliver better CX—before, during, and after every interaction.

  • Drive consistency across all advisor-assisted channels, including voice, chat, and email
  • Purpose built contact center LLM
  • Secure and scalable platform 
  • Connects directly into your CCaaS, CRM, knowledge base systems

Real-Time AI Assist

Uses live prompts to aid conversation flow for successful outcomes, and automatically capture interaction details and trigger workflows. 

Saves time searching knowledge bases, FAQs, and past interactions. 

Coaching AI

Automatically generates coaching notes to simplify and modernize advisor coaching. 


4 Benefits of AI for Better CX

Discover the benefits of using conversational and generative AI in the contact center to create better CX.

Augmenting advisor performance for better CX. 

Concentrix Advisor Assist powered by Generative AI is a complete solution, combining an innovative platform with the expertise you need to design, build, and run it. We’ll help you unlock better experiences for your customers and your frontline team. 

Conversational Analysis

Analyze customer interactions and feedback to pinpoint pain points and identify use cases for generative AI assistance. 

Data Flows & Integration

Establish secure API connections with systems and data sources, configuring workflows to streamline processes. 

Conversational Trends

Monitor customer behaviors, feedback, and effectiveness of AI experiences to identify trends, topics, and improvement opportunities. 

Conversational Design

Design conversational experiences for anticipated scenarios and behaviors, ensuring customers are engaged and satisfied. 

Training Development

Reshape advisor training programs to incorporate new conversation flows and AI-powered interfaces. 

AI Optimization

Continually refining and optimizing AI models and algorithms to expand conversational relevance and drive your desired CX outcomes. 

How we’re making Advisor Assist powered by Generative AI work for leading brands

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reduction in average handle time
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increase in sales conversion
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increase in CSAT

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How we’re making Advisor Assist powered by Generative AI work for leading brands

0 %
reduction in average handle time
0 %
increase in sales conversion
0 %
increase in CSAT

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